Views and Reviews

Do you want to earn money and free clothing from posting on Tiktok? Now's your chance to!
How to start: 
     Make your purchase.
     Post a Tiktok video (Reviewing our clothing or trying on your clothing).
     Tag us @chimerecompany!
Once your video hits a milestone, email us at with a link to the video. After the video has been reviewed and approved, Chimere Company will ask for your payment option (Cashapp, paypal, or Venmo) and give you a referral code for followers to get money off their order. Happy shopping and good luck!
Milestones  Rewards
500 views $10
1,000 views  $25
10,000 views $100
1 sale with referral code

$20 and 1 free item

3 Sales with referral code

$50 and 5 free items

10+ Sales with referral code

$100 and 10 free  items

     Rules and Terms of Service:

1.Chimere Company has the right to deny any video talking unreasonably negative about Chimere Company
2. Chimere Company will send out rewards every other Friday for security reasons.
3. Money is accumulative, meaning if your video hits 500 views then 1,000 you will receive $35.00
4. Videos must be posted within 14 days of the package being received to qualify 
5. Participants will also receive a $5.00 gift card to Chimere Company regardless of milestones reached.